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Awesome Snacking

While I prepare all this baby food I need my snacks to  keep up. I admit I’m a poor eater some days. And usually have some poor eating mixed with better eating on most days. Unfortunately some days I just feel like living on chips, chocolate and ice cream (sounds worse when I write it). And if I do, I feel disgusting at the end of it. But still it was like F u all u food snobs (like me on some days). Anyway, wanted to share my favorite snacks that I can’t seem to live without recently. These are of course recommended as an addition to an otherwise nutritional diet. (haha.) I will also include some wines and cheeses I have been enjoying lately. Because I think I can put them into the snack category. I think.

This is my number one chip crave at the moment (they go great with most red wines and cheese):

These are my second favorite and go great with beer and need a tall glass of water served with them:

These are the cheeses I like with wine or the chips or some good meatballs (all those together have been a regular dinner recently at our house) :

Here are the chicken meatballs from Costco that we love( nothing wrong with that I remind myself):

Here are my favorite affordable wines right now:

And my chocolates that I really can’t go a day without at least a nibble from (I’m pretty sure there is something wrong in the grammatical order of things in that past sentence but heck, this is not my native tongue) :

And here finally my favorite sorbet going on since my June discovery:

So when I said baby food blog I meant everything BUT….haha. No, I will get back on course but whoever there is reading and looking into making good baby food…I’m sure they need to be well fed themselves as well.

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