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The Furious Rutabaga

I think the rutabaga is furious because it’s often forgotten. It is at it’s best when pureed and added a ton of butter/milk mix and salt, then maybe even into a casserole dish and into the oven with some breadcrumbs on top. But as I recently discovered I had the genius idea of using it for baby food. I’m positive I made the rutabaga happy. So on my first post I will go on a quest to make the rutabaga happy! You should use this for baby food and maybe add some herbs. I added some basil. It’s super healthy and Lola loved it!

Happy Rutabaga

2 Rutabagas (peeled and cut up)—–>put into boiling water and let boil until soft.

Put pieces into something like this:

work in batches unless you have a bigger one, add some of the cooking liquid. Rutabaga requires more liquid than most.

Add basil leaves to the last batch, then mix all together in a bowl like so:

Let cool and transfer into ziplock containers, I  use one bigger that I leave to the fridge and then one smaller that I freeze.

Like so:

This picture has also Carrot & Sunchoke puree and Peas & Green beans puree. All is organic. More recipes will follow.

Hope you enjoyed making this. I know you made 2 rutabagas very happy (and a baby maybe).


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